Equi-Neat Horse Grooming Kit – Complete Grooming Kit for Horses and Ponies

Equi-Neat Horse Grooming Kit – Complete Grooming Kit for Horses and Ponies

Equi-Neat Horse Grooming Kit – Complete Grooming Kit for Horses and Ponies

Are you looking for a comprehensive grooming kit for your horses and ponies? Look no further! The Equi-Neat Horse Grooming Kit is here to provide your beloved animals with the care they need. With 12 essential grooming tools and a multipurpose grooming bag, this kit has everything you need to keep your horses looking their best.

Why Choose the Equi-Neat Horse Grooming Kit?

Complete Grooming Kit for Horses and Ponies

Our grooming kit includes a mane and tail horse brush, large mane comb, small mane comb, hoof and face brush, flexi curry comb, coarse curry comb, hoof pick, body groom brush, body brush, flick brush, sweat scraper, and a grooming kit bag. With this comprehensive set, you can ensure that every part of your horse is well-groomed.

Gives Better Skin Health and Shinier Coat

Not only does our grooming kit make your horse look good, but it also promotes better skin health and a shinier coat. The brushes efficiently remove loose hairs, dust, dirt, and mud stuck in their mane, tail, body, face, and hooves. By keeping their skin clean and healthy, you can enhance the overall appearance of your horse.

Well-designed and Comfortable Horse Brushes for Grooming

We understand the importance of comfort when grooming your horse. That’s why our brushes are designed with non-slip handles and easy-to-hold curved horse hair brushes. Currying, brushing, and massaging your horse has never been easier. The ideal stiffness/softness of each brush ensures a pleasant experience for both you and your horse.

Hard-Wearing Kit Made from High-Quality Materials

Our grooming kit is built to last. We use high-quality plastic and rubber materials, along with a combination of synthetic and rubber bristles, to ensure durability. This kit can withstand daily grooming routines, saving you money in the long run. The multipurpose bag with easy-carry handles and a shoulder strap provides convenient storage and transportation.

Ideal Horse Grooming Gift Set Loved by Equestrians

Looking for the perfect gift for horse lovers, beginner riders, or children with ponies? Look no further than our horse grooming kit. Suitable for all ages and abilities, this well-made set not only helps maintain the proper hygiene of your horse but also strengthens the bond between you and your four-legged friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this grooming kit suitable for all horse breeds?

Yes, the Equi-Neat Horse Grooming Kit is suitable for all horse breeds and ponies.

2. Can I use these brushes on a daily basis?

Absolutely! Our grooming kit is designed for daily use and can withstand regular grooming routines.

3. Is the grooming bag included in the kit?

Yes, the grooming bag is included in the kit. It has multiple pockets for easy access to the brushes and a zip lid for secure storage.


The Equi-Neat Horse Grooming Kit is the perfect solution for horse owners who want to provide their animals with the best care. With a complete set of essential grooming brushes and a durable grooming bag, this kit offers convenience, comfort, and improved skin health for your horses and ponies. Order now and experience the difference!