Croma Brush Dual Tip Alcohol Based Sketch Markers

Croma Brush Dual Tip Alcohol Based Sketch Markers

Croma Brush Dual Tip Alcohol Based Sketch Markers

Introducing Croma, a professional marker whose moniker is derived from the Greek word for ‘color’. The Croma marker lives up to its namesake in its purity and intensity of color, hue, and saturation. Croma markers follow meticulous manufacturing standards, ensuring even, consistent coloring and precise strokes.

The Colors

Best-in-class alcohol-based ink enables illustrators to perform methodical layering techniques for the creation of smooth gradients. The full set of Croma markers currently includes 216 comprehensive colors, systematically categorized and numbered by color family, hue, saturation, and brightness. Stay tuned: our research team is currently developing more color variations to make the Croma marker system even more comprehensive in the near future.

The Pen

The markers come in a compact size with a matte finish to reduce fatigue from long usage. The design of teardrop-shaped caps prevents the markers from rolling. All sets of markers come with a portable cotton canvas bag with a top handle.

About Croma Lite Series

Croma Lite Series brings you a collection of dual-tip alcohol-based markers, with a chisel tip to color large areas and a brush nib to employ a range of various techniques and strokes. Lite Series is a collection of affordable high-performance markers Croma offers; they come in sets of 12, 24, 48, 72, and assortments of basic, manga, skin tone, and grayscale colors for different coloring needs.

  • Dual Tip with Premium Nibs that Don’t Fray: 6mm Chisel Tip for Large Area Coloring, and Flexible, Versatile Brush Nib to Apply Various Strokes, Replaceable Nibs and Refillable Ink.
  • Ergonomic Curves for Easy Cap Removal, with Elliptic Cylinder Form to Secure Marker from Rolling; Matte Finish and Compact Size Reducing Fatigue.
  • Easy-to-blend, Quick-dry, and Odorless Alcohol-based Ink, Applicable on Paper and Fabric.
  • 240 Comprehensive Colors, 24 of which are Flagship Exclusive New Colors per Customers’ Feedback, Systematically Categorized By Color Family, Hues, Saturation, And Brightness, Make Creating Smooth Gradients Easy, Kindling Countless Possibilities.
  • Essential for manga, illustration, industrial design, architectural and interior rendering, fashion sketches, and other forms of drawing. Comes with Complimentary Handmade Acrylic Case with Brass Handle to Elevate your Surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the nibs replaceable?

Yes, the nibs are replaceable, allowing you to extend the lifespan of your markers.

2. Can the markers be used on fabric?

Yes, the alcohol-based ink is applicable on both paper and fabric.

3. How many colors are available in the Croma marker system?

The Croma marker system currently includes 216 comprehensive colors, with more variations being developed.


The Croma Brush Dual Tip Alcohol Based Sketch Markers are the perfect tools for artists looking to add vibrant colors and precise strokes to their manga, comic illustrations, and art. With their ergonomic design, replaceable nibs, and odorless alcohol-based ink, these markers provide a seamless coloring experience. Choose from a wide range of colors systematically categorized for easy selection. Elevate your surroundings with the complimentary handmade acrylic case. Order your Croma markers today and unlock endless creative possibilities!